The Issue

Wildlife management in B.C. is primarily driven by a political agenda that has little respect for science and discounts the attrition on wildlife populations from highways, predators, hard winters, habitat loss and hunting.

The current (2010) Fish & Wildlife agenda in Victoria is hunter retention and recruitment, an excellent idea for all who enjoy hunting but sadly Victoria insists on an agenda that is putting wildlife populations in peril by dramatically lengthening seasons. If it wasn’t so serious it would be laughable because their journey will come to tears as hunting success plummets.
To garner support for the culling of the whitetail deer in our province, Victoria Fish & Wildlife has asked agriculture interests for support in both rationale and population numbers that are uncorroborated biased information.

The question for all British Columbians: is the wildlife resource an invaluable heritage to be managed for the ages or is wildlife no more than chattel goods to be sacrificed for a political agenda that will take animal populations to the brink?!

Remember; Statistics Canada twice in the eighties conducted 2 studies on the Importance of Wildlife to Canadians and concluded both times that 86% of British Columbians put a value on wildlife.

Has our province’s attitudes toward wildlife changed that much in a generation? Not likely.
There are more than enough green web pages on the internet to support the argument!

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