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Testimonials 2010

March 24, 2010 we met, in Grand Forks, with a number of Guide / Hunters and others concerned with this issue.
We did that again on March 31 in Midway.

A number of them agreed to contribute their words and many also agreed to appear on camera. We have posted them on YouTube.

You can view a few of them here .

Note that there are 16 videos in the playlist. To view a particular one just click on the control here (playlist_ctrl_1)




In the spring of 2010 meetings took place in Grand Forks and Midway with hunters and others. From discussions at these meetings a number of people were willing to give testimonials on video regarding this situation.

The testimonials are a statement from quality hunters who are angry and dissatisfied and have a story to tell about declining wildlife populations.

The best of the hunting movement has always believed in the importance of stewardship, active gatekeepers of the wildlife resource and to-day hunters are needed like never before if science not politics is going to be the driving force in wildlife management.