A few years ago this site was set up because the wildlife resource of British Columbia is an invaluable heritage that is badly managed: The ultimate goal must be a wildlife management review with terms of reference that recognize wildlife’s true value to our province.

Knowledgeable experienced hunters know that new hunting regulations will seriously compromise animal populations, some of which are already in serious decline and severely damage our wildlife heritage for future generations. If these changes were simply misguided it would be bad enough but we feel they are driven by political motives with little, if any, regard for science or the knowledge and opinions of those who are actually out there in the mountains and forests of the province.

The testimonials you find here are a statement from quality hunters who are angry and dissatisfied and have a story to tell about declining wildlife populations.

The best of the hunting movement has always believed in the importance of stewardship: active gatekeepers of the wildlife resource, and to-day hunters are needed like never before if science not politics is going to be the driving force in wildlife management.

Please help us in ensuring that there will be a worthy legacy of wildlife heritage to pass on to future generations.

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