NEWSLETTER November, 2020


I am sending you a copy of a letter describing the early history of access management
on the Gilpin Ungulate winter range that appeared in The Nelson Daily April 22, 2014.
The letter doesn’t come close to describing the Grand forks ATV Club agenda that has
seriously compromised the integrity of the Gilpin Ungulate Range.
In the near future I will send you the full Grand Forks ATV Club story, an example of
citizenship that embraced stakeholders in support of ATV recreation and at the same
time totally excluded all stakeholders with a connection to the land and wildlife.
I believe the story I will send you is an apt description of ATV agendas province wide
adjacent to parks and on all 85 ungulate winter ranges in B.C.
I am also sending you the Southern Interior Land Trust press release November 16, 2020.

Very seldom can I send you good news!
Barry Brandow Sr.

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