NEWSLETTER September 30, 2020

The class action lawsuit is getting attention so thanks to Taryn Skalbania I am
sending e-mail links to the stories you will enjoy reading if you have interest in a fight
seldom seen in our province: Grand Forks flooding victims file class-action lawsuit
against BC Government and Forest Companies.
I am also sending you the first page of a report that cuts to the chase on the AACAllowable
Annual Cut: Heres Whats Happening to BC Forests, Submission by Anthony
Britneff and Martin Watts to the Forest Inventory Review Panel- 2018:
“But lets put the record of undeniable environmental harm to one side. Lets focus on
the one measure of sustainability that both the industry and government point to as
evidence that logging BC forests at the current rate is sustainable” The Forest
Stewardship Council’s stamp of approval. FSC certification is dependent on the
condition that, to quote its stands for B.C., “the rate of harvest of forest products shall
not exceed levels which can be permanently sustained.
Forest management has been a grim story in BC since the 1996 Glen Clark NDP
Government. Like salmon and cod, forest management has been driven by first past the
post, partisan politics, jobs and the economy.
The report by Britneff and Watts is an apt description of the Canadian way/method of
managing natural resources.
Alex Rose’s excellent read Who Killed the Grand Banks offers plenty of
analogies/examples especially chapter 3. Botched Science and a Rebel Named Ransom
that describe BC forest management:
“What is true is that, despite algorithms, computer modelling and data collection,
the present understanding of the fisheries management process founded upon
biological science is wrong. Fisheries managers do not now and probably never will
know enough about fish and their ecosystem to construct enough facts to support
agreement and co-operation. Garbage in and garbage out.”
I have used the quote in the past to describe the utter and complete collapse of
scientific wildlife management, which is more appropriate than ever thanks to 2020-
2022 Hunting Regulations which are a complete fraud!
I will send you an October newsletter describing complete contempt of mule and
whitetail deer management, two of many wildlife species in serious population decline.
As always names and quotes from both sides of the story- the only way to tell an
insightful, meaningful story.
Barry Brandow Sr.

Following is the link:

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