Riparian Area Management

The problem continues both in the bush and in the halls of decision making power.
And again we have collected testimonials of hunters and others related to this. Check them out in the ‘testimonials 2015‘ page.

But this year we also invited a Biologist, Mike Pearson, to come and take a look at some of the places nearby which are of concern. Mike specializes in Aquatic and Riparian habitats.

Barry Brandow Sr. also has some words on that topic


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1 thought on “Riparian Area Management

  1. xamble Post author

    I saw a video that makes an argument for predators (and balance) in the eco-system and against over grazing by herbivores. It talked about Yellowstone and the knock-on effects of the reintroduction of Wolves. Specifically it says the Rivers have changed as a result …

    But of course this is controversial and might be a bit more complicated than the video says.



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