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Links and Comments – 2010

The BC Government’s
Ministry of the Environment
Hunting and Fishing Regulations

Vancouver Sun article
on this issue
with quotes from Barry Brandow Sr.

Vancouver Sun article:
Plan to declare open season on white-tailed deer draws fire

The comments given in response to that article show the depth of feeling on this:

  1. Well, there you go. The mentality of the average “resident hunter”has come to the forefront once again. Where is the BCWF’s “conservative…save for the future” mentality? If you have no knowledge of the outfitter business or guiding in “general” keep your uninformed thoughts to yourself. Guide outfitters have quotas on few animals but realize that a GOS only opens the door for everyone…resident as well as outfitter. This outfitter is stating there is not enough deer and is declining the “open” possibility
    of more income to leave a future generation a chance to have the same choices we have. For you who “know” Grand Forks think again. You obviously don’t know as much as you want everyone to think. Or you would be stating some intelligent facts…not fiction. Fact…a little more than 2% of B.C. Residents are hunters. Fact…more than 86% of B.C. Residents value wildlife. Think about it.
  2. Our Rod and Gun Club has been fighting this season since it was proposed and recommending that it be only in Regions and Zones that have high populations of Whitetails. Read back in history, every time we have a GOS antlerless season it ends up in LEH on the entire species a few years later. Take moose in Region 4, the year after the GOS any moose all moose went on LEH and except for immature bulls they are still on LEH 20 years later. The same happened in Region 3 only ten years earlier. Region 3 moose are still LEH
  3. There is no reason why we cannot have a GOS season on whitetail deer in any portion of the province where populations are at maximum. This is why the Regions and Zones within the Regions were set up as they are. Now this system is being disposed of and game management is by province, this is not acceptable as we have too much diversity within B.C. This GOS whitetail season should be only where the populations are near maximum sustainable populations. I am a hunter and I will not support an over the province GOS but will support it in high population Regions.
  4. The B.C. Ministry of Environment is full of career, bloated,overstaffed bureaucrats who are just pencil pushers who wouldn’t know a mule deer from a chicken. A good place for the government to start cleaning house starting at the top senior managers.
  5. Our gov. has no knowledge of how to manage and protect our wildlife. From seals to deer, to domestic animals, the govt is clueless. It is a tragedy and a SHAME.
  6. Can the gov’t please add cows to the “open season” list?
  7. That’s the problem with bureaucracy
    It’s run by a bunch of bean counters that would probably get lost two blocks from a bus stop.
    Like the man says, get out and see for themselves.
  8. I am sickened once again by the actions of this Campbell gov’t. There is simply no respect for our environment or the beautiful creatures in it.
    It’s just killing and more killing. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE???
  9. As always, non hunters make the hunting decisions. I lived in Grand Forks a while back and still visit there on occasion. There is no doubt that the white tails are in there in unacceptable numbers but to have an open season will do nothing to fix the urban deer population. If anything it may make it worse, with “refugees” making their way into town to get away from the hunters.
  10. The environment ministry has little to do with the environment. They are frequently out of touch with reality.
    The “open season” is just kill, kill, kill. They want to kill more deer.
    They clear cut eagle habitat-just check, Lannan Forest, Comox Valley
    They want to build a gas station on an estuary in Comox.
    The government does little for the homeless and they die also. Insufficient health care results in people dying.
    It’s a killing and dying event but Gordo sure wants dams on all rivers under the “temple” of green. Its just killing the rivers and fish.
    What will be left alive in this province.
    How much more will die before campbell & co. leave office?
  11. It is too bad our Government has absolutely NO CLUE, how to manage wildlife resources. They managed TO DEATH, THE EAST COAST FISHERIES,WEST COAST FISHERIES & GREAT LAKES FISHERIES. Meanwhile they tell us ‘IT’S THE SEALS, SEA LIONS & ORCA’S that have depleted the stocks. Or in the Great Lakes the Government says it’s the Cormorant Bird, because it eats 3 times it’s weight daily. They only weigh about 5 pounds, so them eating 3 times their weight is minuscule. It’s amazing that FACTORY SHIPS PULLING IN 1,000’S & 1,000’S OF POUNDS HAD NO NEGATIVE AFFECT.’ Stop the hunting now for a few years, nature takes care of itself if you let it. Even Deer & Bears are only going to be seen in books & stuffed in museums like Dinosaurs if THE GOVERNMENT DOESN’T SMARTEN UP! RE:ECONOMICS…MANY MORE PEOPLE COME TO SEE THE WILDLIFE THAN COMES TO KILL IT, SO MORE MONEY IS MADE FROM HAVING LIVE ANIMALS.
  12. Another insane stupid decision made by people with no sense of reality. I used to donate to the B.C. Wildlife, but no longer have faith in their ability to make smart decisions.
    Mother nature knows best. Get ready for the predator invasion.

Letter to the editor of the Vancouver Sun from Barry Brandow Sr.
Draconian hunting regulations