SEPTEMBER 18, 2020

Grand Forks Flood

Full marks to Jennifer Houghton and her colleagues for pursuing legal action against Interfor, BC Timber Sales and their partners.

Deep pockets typically win the fight against “we the people” a point easily made by the dismal pathetic BC Forest management track record since the 1996 Glen Clark NDP Government.

Nevertheless a class action lawsuit is an extremely important fight, after all Grand Forks will be on the bubble as long as climate change and its partners flood and fire dominate weather on the planet!

Interfor Claim: the corporation has acted in accordance with it’s permits, licenses and applicable regulations and intends to defend itself.

America’s Conservation President, Theodore Roosevelt puts the class action lawsuit in perfect perspective

” The vital role of these massive redwoods, the great monarchs of the woods was confined neither to their commercial value nor to their natural beauty. The primary objective of his overall forest policy Roosevelt insisted was not to preserve forests because they are beautiful- though that is good in itself -not to preserve them because they are refuge for the wild creatures of the wilderness- though that too is good in itself, “but rather, to conserve them in order to guarantee a steady and continuous supply of timber, grass and above all water” that would foster growth of prosperous communities.

In clear language, he delineated the causal connection between forest protection and water conservation: forests absorb water and slow the melting of snow in the spring; they prevent the rain from rushing away in uncontrollable torrents, they regulate the flow of streams (p. 352) The Bully Pulpit- Doris Kerns Goodwin.

A prudent message over a hundred years in the making ignored by an ethically and morally broken forest industry beyond redemption!

Barry Brandow Sr.

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