NEWSLETTER August 24, 2018

I am sending you a letter I sent to the media-some of you received it, some did not.

My wife, Midge and I never embraced the computer or smart phone with great enthusiasm and consequently we are prone to mistakes like not securing Incredi mail and lost all our addresses. Hopefully we have them now.

The newsletter gives you a perspective from an experienced hunter/outfitter that has been down plenty of dusty, bumpy trails in my fight to get respect for British Columbia’s wildlife resource.

The newsletter journey is a grind and beyond the interest of most hunters and concerned citizens.

There are certainly no bad feelings when subscribers want off our e-mail list. Typically for every name that wants off the list we add at least two.

Will we ever see wildlife populations of the mid-nineties again? The only way that is possible is a bi-partisan coalition of NDP/Green/BC Liberal Politicians who support mandated change to rules and regulations that touch every stakeholder on the mountains.

Barry Brandow Sr.



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