NEWSLETTER November 29, 2016

If you live within a reasonable driving time from Rock Creek I urge you to attend a meeting December 1st at 7PM at the Rock Creek Wildlife Hall immediately adjacent to the Rock Creek Fairgrounds on the north side of the road. A short drive up hill and you are there.

NDP MLA Katrine Conroy will present and discuss with the audience her “Sustainable Wildlife Management Act which would require scientific based objectives and peer review for habitat and wildlife management.

The event has been advertised in the Rock Creek area the past few weeks.

In my strong opinion no MLA is more qualified to speak for wildlife and hunting than Katrine. She and her husband Ed live the rural lifestyle in Castlegar and during their journey have had conversations with British Columbians upset with the sorry state of resource management on our mountains. Katrine is one of the very few politicians you will meet not afraid to make a call.

Les Johnson will film the event and it will soon be on the internet- or

For the record during the BC Liberal Leadership Race I spoke to candidates; Kevin Falcon, George Abbott and Christy Clark and reminded them that what the BC Liberals were doing on our mountains was economic and scientific madness.

Agenda items that are the root of the problem that has many wildlife populations in serious decline:

  1. Example- Moose Enhancement and Recovery Strategy July 29, 2016 page 9

“Regional and provincial moose population estimates are updated every three to five years based on regional surveys, density extrapolations and expert opinions.”


There is no such thing as expert opinion for the simple reason that an honest assessment of moose management in BC will guarantee you will not be shortlisted for a job with the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.


  1. Extrapolation

The long sorry tradition of wildlife management in our province is driven by maximizing hunting opportunity by conveniently manipulating the harvest data to justify generous bag limits and long hunting seasons. A point made if you read The Boundary Deer Herd DJ Spalding page 11-20.


  1. Access Management- a non-sequitur (a non-event)
  2. Forest Practices Board December 2005

Access Management in British Columbia

Issues and Opportunities


  1. Forest Practices Board

Access Management and Resource Roads 2015 Update


Dots connect so whatever your agenda on the mountains COME!


Barry Brandow Sr.

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