NEWSLETTER January 24, 2016


Thanks to Margaret Steele

I am sending you a November 22 Globe and Mail article by Mark Hume titled “BC’s Wildlife Policy Skirts Issue of Habitat Loss Due to Logging.”

Veteran Vancouver Sun outdoor reporter Larry Pynn wrote a similar article Dec. 26, 2015 titled “Timber Firms have too Much Power, BC Watchdog Says”

The report can be summed up by the following quote from the Forest Practices Board “In another report last August the board concluded that most forest stewardship plans governing forest activities on crown land do not meet the public’s needs, are not enforceable by government and provide little in the way of innovative forest management”.

The loss of important wildlife habitat is the biggest challenge facing the future of the province’s wildlife resource and I believe the dismal management of the Gilpin Grasslands is one of the better examples that make the point.

The two newspaper articles critical of the management of the BC forest are connected to BC Liberal MLA Mike Morris’s August 2015 report; Getting the Balance Right; Improving Wildlife Habitat Management in BC.

British Columbians who follow the news and/or have connections to the BC Liberal Party are fully aware that Premier Christy Clark has a weak environmental agenda, a point made in an article in the Vancouver Sun last November, soon after the Mike Morris report was released to the public “BC balks at boosting protection.

Even though the Premier has a weak environmental track record my wife and I still like and care about her. For the record during the BC Liberal leadership race I did tell her that what the BC Liberal Government was doing on our mountains was economic and scientific madness.

The one sound byte that best describes why the Mike Morris report saw the light of day in my strong opinion comes from a party member close to the Premier. In response to my wife’s reason why we are no shows at BC Liberal Party functions her response said it all; I have heard that from quite a few people so you can’t quit!


Here is the link to the Globe and Mail article:



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